Sensors for the Food and Beverage Industries
Paper Pulp Sensors

High Pressure and High Temperature Sensors

Rugged: Broadley-James sensors have been used for more than two decades in applications involving strong caustics, high temperatures and harsh industrial environments. The ST925 is a rugged, sealed sensor assembly designed for in-line applications in breweries.

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Sensors For The Food and Beverage Industry

Safe: The solid state reference cell features the unique IonTrap™ design for extended service life in the most severe applications. The body is molded from chemically resistant conductive Ryton® (PPS) and the reference junction is porous Teflon®. A built-in Pt 1000 temperature compensator is standard as is the integral solution ground connection. A separate 316L stainless steel sensor guard completely surrounds the body of the sensor and protects it from the environment and from accidental impact. This sensor is designed specifically to fit into standard 25 mm port assemblies.

Sensor ST925 Specifications

Housing E-1876 Cutaway view of completed assembly

Reliable: A good control system provides repeatability. The reliable sensor allows consistency, over and over again.

25 mm weld-in port fitting AF-100-60-L040