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Why Broadley-James pH and ORP Sensors?

Replacement 12 X 120 mm Electrodes These sensors with 12 X 120mm bodies are replacements for submersion and inline assemblies with standard PG 13.5 threaded caps.

DynaProbesDesigned for high temperature and high pressure applications, such as the petrochemical process industries, their operating range is up to 135°C and 15 Bar Pressure.

ProcessProbes These probes are designed for moderate to high temperatures and pressures. Their operating range is up to 120°C and 10 Bar Pressure. Designed for rugged submersion and inline use, their applications include waste water, industrial neutralization pits, plating baths, control of chemical processes, etc.

Pool ProbesThe pH and ORP electrodes have been designed for use in any pool or spa application. These sensors are designed for rugged service in submersion or on-line applications and are compatible with many pre-existing housings found in commercial and residential swimming pool controllers.